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Our motto is 'Consider it done!'

With over 20 years of experience serving the shipyard and marine industry, Shipyard Staffing is your solution for quickly sourcing high-quality, experienced teams to get the job done right, on time, and on budget. Our large network of qualified professionals helps you scale up or down quickly with a flexible workforce you can count on showing up, without the risk of increasing your overhead.

Our team is committed to building lasting relationships with companies large and small. We’re proud to be trusted by some of the best in the industry, including General Dynamics, BAE, Huntington Ingalls Industries, and many more.

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Shipyard Staffing is also committed to our Veterans. We recognize the valuable skills Veterans bring to organizations and are dedicated to their success. Whether you’re transitioning to civilian life or you’ve been in the workforce for years, we’re here to help you through comprehensive training programs and a supportive recruiting team.

With offices in Norfolk, Newport News, San Diego, and Mayport, FL, you can always be confident when our highly skilled professionals say, “consider it done!”

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Shipyard Staffing is now backed by RigUp, the energy industry’s largest marketplace for on-demand services and skilled labor

RigUp was founded in 2014 and is based in Austin, TX. The company is building an industrial workforce marketplace that connects skilled workers with work opportunities and matches service providers with their desired workforce. RigUp is now the largest provider of contingent workforce in the energy industry and continues to expand across new segments, including renewables, commercial construction, and maritime.

Backed by RigUp’s workforce marketplace expertise, Shipyard Staffing is now part of a network of over 35,000+ professionals and service providers. Powered by RigUp’s digital solutions across recruiting, logistics, and payments, Shipyard will continue to help companies scale faster while reducing cost.

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Shipyard staffing opens two new offices;

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Newport News, VA and San Diego, CA

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Meet Our Team

Kathy Bryan
Jack Anthony
Jason Otterbach
Lisa Wilkins
Elic Ramirez
Erica Rajotte
Crystal Dudash
Billy Manley
Debbie Filer

Kathy Bryan – Vice President/General Manager & FSO

Although Kathy’s career began in banking, she migrated over to staffing in the shipyard industry in 2013 and has never looked back. Born at Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Kathy is no stranger to the Navy/Shipyard industry. Her father, a retired Master Chief AND retired shipyard worker instilled in her a strong sense of pride in our military. Now she is very excited to be able to honor her father’s memory by helping to keep the Navy fleet strong. And since customer service has always been at the forefront of her career, it’s a win-win situation in this industry. Helping customers fulfill their production needs and helping people find a solid career is doubly rewarding. Shipyard Staffing has given her all the tools she needs to be successful and to help others succeed.

Kathy Bryan

Jack Anthony, Vice President of Business Development

Before joining Shipyard Staffing, Jack also joined Succession Capital Partners in 2014. He was the co-founder of RTP Financial Services, LLC, branded to consumers as PayPartners. Mr. Anthony spent five years turning PayPartners into a market leader in the pay-card category, helping small-to-mid-sized businesses transition to 100% electronic payroll using MasterCard branded debit cards. PayPartners primarily marketed their services to community and regional banks providing various outsourced-treasury services. As one of the first companies to develop a fully-automated online-enrollment tool, PayPartners attracted more than 400 clients and 10,000 cardholders. Mr. Anthony successfully sold the company to TransCard, LLC in 2013.

Before starting PayPartners, Mr. Anthony spent several years as an executive-vice president in charge of Business Development at Co-Advantage Holdings. Co-Advantage provided outsourced human resources, benefit administration and payroll services to small-to-mid-sized business in the Southeast. In 2001, Mr. Anthony co-founded the benefit, risk and enrollment division of Co-Advantage. He quickly grew the division to one of the largest benefit and enrollment providers in the Southeast. The unit was later sold to Digital Insurance.

He works tirelessly to grow Shipyard Staffing’s client base and his success is directly attributable to his desire to make every partnership a win-win solution.

Jack Anthony

Jason Otterbach, Jacksonville Branch Manager

Jason began his career in the Unites States Navy, enlisting in 1993 he served on board the USS Inchon in 1994 during Operation Continue Hope off the coast of Somalia and Operation Deny Flight off the coast of Bosnia. In 2001 he was assigned to the USS Theodore Roosevelt during Operation Enduring Freedom in the Arabian Gulf. While on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt he wrote an article for the ship's newspaper “Roosevelt traps its 10,000th”. This article was published by the Navy in “The Flagship” March 7, 2002. Received an Honorable discharge in 2003.

Jason began his career at Shipyard Staffing in 2015 and moved his family to Florida to serve as the Branch Manager in the Jacksonville Office.

Few things in life have a bigger impact on an individual and their family than landing a great job. He has shown the ability to help improve the chances of every applicant by finding their hidden skills, answering their questions, and by educating them so that they feel comfortable and prepared for the rest of the hiring process. He exemplifies Shipyard Staffing’s high standards of excellence.

Jason Otterbach

Lisa Wilkins, Senior Coordinator

After working in the Banking industry for almost 30 years, Lisa found her way to the shipyard industry in 2013. With her background in customer service and operations, and her familiarity of being restructured out of employment, it was only fitting that she found her way to a staffing company. Helping to find those employees who are out of work and connect them with employers is very rewarding. Having been born and raised in Norfolk, she knows the importance of the NAVY to this area and our country’s freedom. Lisa is proud to help employees find jobs repairing and building the ships that keep our country safe.

Lisa Wilkins

Elic Ramirez - Coordinator and OSHA Maritime Outreach Trainer, Jacksonville Branch

Elic grew up in Guayama, Puerto Rico and in 2007 moved to Chesapeake, Virginia when his father obtained a job as a marine electrician for a local shipyard. He attended high school in Virginia and through self-teaching and high school lessons, was able to read and write the English language within six months. After high school he began his career in the shipyard as a fire watch while learning the skilled trade of painting and blasting.

Elic moved to Jacksonville FL in 2013, continuing his experience in the shipyard environment as a painter/blaster. In 2016, he was ‘discovered’ by Shipyard Staffing’s Jacksonville branch manager, who presented Elic quite a different opportunity; working to help others find shipyard employment. He joined Shipyard Staffing in November 2016 as an Office Coordinator, applying his firsthand knowledge of the shipyard environment to his work.

Since joining Shipyard Staffing, Elic has exemplified the Company’s motto “Consider it done” through his dedication and devotion to the task at hand. He is most proud when employees he puts to work come back with a smile and a thank you.

Elic Ramirez

Erica Rajotte - Recruiter

Erica was born in New York, but has spent most of her life right here in Virginia. For years, she worked for the State and helped those in need obtain public assistance, and she did so with a great deal of compassion and care. She began her career at Shipyard Staffing in 2016 in the payroll department. She moved into a front office role soon after, and was promoted to the position of Assistant Coordinator due to her strong work ethic and positive attitude. Her desire to help applicants find rewarding work along with her no-nonsense approach has made a positive impact on the company’s goals and mission. She plays an important role on the Shipyard Staffing team and consistently upholds the company's motto of "Consider it done." When you need something done quickly and efficiently, Erica is always there.

Erica Rajotte

Crystal Dudash - Junior Recruiter

Crystal has been in the customer service and administrative fields for more than ten years. Her organizational skills and her diligence in getting the job done has allowed her to advance into management roles throughout her career. She is all about the Customer Experience and has a passion for helping others. She joined the Shipyard Staffing family in late 2017.

Crystal Dudash

William "Billy" Manley - Fire Watch Coordinator & Safety

William began his career in the early 1980s in the Shipyard Industry at Metro Machine Corporation, now General Dynamics NASSCO - Norfolk, located in Norfolk, VA. For 33 years, he has held numerous positions within the company from a First Class Marine Painter to a Foreman. Throughout his career, he was responsible for successfully planning and completing various projects on numerous Navy fleets and ensuring all employees have the proper tools and skills to accomplish each task. He has found his career in the shipyard industry to be very rewarding. With this new journey as a Fire Watch Coordinator at Shipyard Staffing, he is very excited to bring all the tools and knowledge he has acquired into this role to ensure success for himself and for Shipyard Staffing.

William Manley

Debbie Filer - Payroll & Benefits Manager

Debbie was born in Michigan and moved to the Hampton Roads area when her sister was stationed at Portsmouth Naval Station. Her visit to see her sister instilled a love for the area, so she moved to Hampton Roads in 1990. She has many family members in the Navy and is proud to work for a company committed to building and repairing Navy ships. She has spent her last 26+ years in Hampton Roads working in the Accounting and Payroll fields. She has held numerous positions in three companies in that time, and has always been dedicated to the companies she works for. She is passionate when it comes to ensuring accuracy in her employees’ pay and the importance of following all rules and regulations. Her hard work and dedication to Shipyard Staffing and its employees allowed her to move quickly into a multi-tasking position of Payroll & Benefits Manager and Finance Manager.

Debbie Filer

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