Job Description


Recommended Skills: 
Familiarity with OSHA regulations relative to the shipbuilding industry. 
Installation of hull inserts. 
Familiarity with fasteners 
Ability to comprehend complex drawings, blueprints, diagrams, and sketches. 
Use of lapping and blue checking tools. Liner sizes/soft foot 
Working knowledge of shipbuilding terms and nomenclature. 
Operate lathe. 
Valve overhaul (steam and wog) 
AC & refrigeration repair. 
Installation of lift check valve. 
Steam plant cleanliness knowledge 
Air conditioning hydro. 
Installation of main engine, propulsion plant machinery and equipment. 
System cleanliness grade knowledge. 
Installation of aircraft elevator. 
Testing main engine. 
Hydrostatic testing. 
Installation of anchor windlass. 
Installation of mast and antenna. 
Lube oil flushing. 
Installation of arresting gear. 
Installation of noise equipment. 
Precision instruments. 
Installation of ballast tanks. 
Test boiler operations. 
Optical alignment. 
Hydrostatic testing of systems. 
Install boiler tube replacement. 
Installation of sea valves. 
System Grooming 
Operate boring bar. 
Installation of VALVE AND PUMP packing. 
Valve overhaul. 
Operate cargo crane. 
Operate portable milling/drill machine. 
Generator and steam turbine work. 
Pump/motor INSTALLATION AND alignment (M-179 & JX).
Operate centrifugal pump. 
Install turbine. 
Fit and blue check liners. 
Installation of condenser/heat exchanger tube. 
Operate watertight compartment. 
Flange makeup. 
Installation of deck ordinance. 
Installation of winch. 
Installation of steam valves. 
Installation of diesel. 
Installation of weapons elevator. 
Shafting and bearing work 
Distilling plant test. 
Installation of hydraulic components. 
Installation of low/high pressure air compressor. 
Installation of deck or hanger doors. 
Understanding of basic ship systems 

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